Why Executive Suites?

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For home office professionals:

Keep track of business expenses. Many employees who work out of a home office find it hard to keep business expenses separate from home expenses – a real headache when tax time comes around!

Work in a quiet, professional suite. Eliminate distractions and be able to focus your energy on the work at hand.

Build networking opportunities. Shared space within the building creates opportunities for developing rapport and enjoying the camaraderie of other professionals. These important relationships can also help build your business through networking opportunities.

Keep the office at the office. Many clients find that they are able to better define the line between time spent at the office on work and time spent with their families at home. With a specific place to do each, the needs of the family and the needs of the business do not have to compete with one another.

A quiet place to focus.

A quiet place to focus.

Have extra support and assistance at your fingertips. EBS Business Services not only provides you with office space, we also provide support services that can help you to reduce overhead and save time. Things like bookkeeping, database management, presentation preparation, and printing services are just a few of the services you can leave to us. Your valuable time can be spent on growing and expanding your business – where it matters most.

For small business owners looking for start-up or expansion space:

Reduce Overhead – Establish branch or start-up offices more economically than traditional 3-5 year leases.

Decrease Capital Outlay – Eliminate equipment purchases and build-out expenses.

Increase Productivity – Focus on building your business while EBS assists you with any needs in running your office.

Eliminate Administrative Costs – Bypass hiring and managing of staff.

Increase Flexibility – Expand (or downsize) easily with flexible office space terms and on-demand support personnel.

Gain Special Benefits – Enjoy the camaraderie while you build business relationships with other tenants.

EBS Business Center is a shared office facility; it is fully equipped, staffed, and furnished. For a monthly fee, customers receive the use of an office (or offices) with necessary services such as telephone answering and office management. Customers share common areas such as reception, kitchen and lavatories, with other clients in the facility. Additional services, e.g. fax, copying, courier, word-processing, technical support, and administrative services (bookkeeping, database management, etc.) are available and billed as used.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses, and startups. Larger companies also use the facilities as sales and branch offices. EBS maximizes productivity by reducing operating expenses and helping you manage your office so you are free to do what you do best… build your business.